Retirement Annuity

In conjunction with LifeSense, we are launching two new Keystone Retirement Annuity funds. To find out more about the benefits of a Retirement Annuity, how you can take advantage of the tax benefits, to speak to a financial advisor or to receive an application form, email: info@cartesian.co.za

Local Equity Fund

We offer a range of products from high conviction, actively managed portfolios to benchmarked portfolios.

In the high conviction fund we are fundamental investors, with a research driven bottom-up approach. We look for returns on shares that are not index driven and offer compelling investment opportunities. We define quality principally by returns on capital employed, cash conversion, stability of margins, pricing power and the managementís ability to convert all these factors into returns. We tend to favour companies that can sustain high rates of earnings growth while simultaneously returning cash to shareholders (allied to strong returns on capital).

Based on the underlying index we offer a range of risk parameters to achieve the desired risk/reward profile.
Cartesian BCI Money Market Unit Trust

Definition: The Cartesian BCI Money Market Fund is a local money market portfolio. The primary performance objective of this fund is to obtain as high a level of interest as is consistent with preservation of capital and liquidity. Capital gains will be of an incidental nature.

Investment Objective: To provide a vehicle whereby investors can obtain a return on their cash above a bank deposit account rate. The fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of money market instruments and short term fixed or floating rate instruments.

Regulation: The portfolio will be managed in compliance with prudential guidelines for retirements in South Africa to the extent allowed by the Act.

Benchmark: SteFI Call Deposit rate - SHORT TERM FIXED INTEREST (STEFI)
The Alexander Forbes STEFI index will approximate the performance of money market instruments in the market.

The index is calculated daily, invests only in Call Deposits and NCD instruments maturing in three different categories (3,6 and 12 months) and all instruments are held to maturity. Weightings will be monitored and changes will be made according to market conditions by a committee consisting of representatives of Alexander Forbes Asset Consultants and market participants. Base date: 1 October 2000

STEFI Constituents:

Application Forms
For change of details, switching and withdrawal forms, please contact us on: info@cartesian.co.za

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