Inyosi is an Investment Company focussed on Enterprise and Supplier Development.
Their mission is to create sustainable economic transformation by partnering with SMME’s and providing them with Access to Funding, Markets and Skills while providing corporate investors with a competent, professional and value adding BEE solution.
Shift your Enterprise & Supplier Development spend from an expense on your income statement to an asset on your balance sheet. Achieve more than mere compliance to BEE legislation with this single upfront investment, which offers diversified exposure with meaningful & measurable social benefits. Allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Anchor Capital

Anchor Capital has established itself as one of SA's leading providers of asset management services, in both local and offshore markets. We work with your financial advisor to provide you with the appropriate solution for your needs, whether it be high conviction equity portfolios or low risk cash alternatives. We concentrate on making your money work hard in a portfolio personalised for you. We strive to find opportunities across the globe which can create wealth for the investor. Investments are housed in unit trusts, segregated portfolios, hedge funds or tax-efficient structures.

Anchor Aspirant

Anchor Aspirant is a division of Anchor Capital that provides investment solutions to young professionals. We offer managed and "to do it yourself" accounts and support this with educational pieces, research, advice and analysis. A large focus of the business is to treat young professionals as if they were already the millionaires they could well become. We also offer Anchor Capital's unit trusts.

Investor Campus

Investor Campus is a global player in the "business of knowledge", providing education and research services. In the education field our speciality is financial, while our research services span listed companies around the globe. We specialise in tailored research for companies and institutions across all industries. We offer a broad range of financial courses aimed at educating individuals in the workplace who need to enhance specific knowledge. From The FAIS Regulatory Exam Preparation Courses to How to Analyse a Company. Investor Campus provides general research on global markets and equities, as well as bespoke research for companies and asset managers.

The Advisor

This is a full service for the IFA community. From weekly financial newsletters to Fund Manager interviews Fund Profiles, Company Profiles, Investor Education and Marketing Tips.

  Cartesian Capital (PTY) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider - FSB number: 45318